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The NSU Health Pharmacy’s doors are wide open for patients on the path to stronger health. Our full-service pharmacy and clinic offers multiple services to the South Florida community, from filling prescriptions and wellness screenings to nutritional counseling. 

Located in an academic atmosphere, the pharmacists and technicians at NSU Health’s Pharmacy consult with the university’s most prestigious health care professionals to give you the latest medication information. The NSU Edge, combined with friendly customer service, makes for integrated and comprehensive health care services that put every patient first.

Your Health Is Our Priority

NSU Health is dedicated to keep patients, students, faculty & staff, as well as the community, safe. We are following guidance from the CDC, the Florida Department of Health and the Broward County Health Department.

Covid-19 Vaccines are available at the NSU Pharmacy by calling (954) 262-4550, option 4.

Pharmacy Center

In addition to filling prescriptions, the NSU Health's Pharmacy at the Sanford L. Ziff Health Care Center provides many useful services to patients in the Broward County area. Each service is reasonably priced and covered by most insurance providers for your convenience.

NSU Health’s pharmacists are ready to fill your prescriptions today. Please call (954) 262-4550 to speak to one of our team members to transfer your prescription or let your doctor know to send your next prescription here. 

We also administer vaccines (both routine adult and travelers vaccines available). Vaccinations are open to those with appointments and walk-ins.

Our pharmacy compounds unavailable or specialized dosages for pediatric patients, pets and other specialty situations. Speak with one of our pharmacists to see if your medication can be tailored to your doctor’s orders and your health needs.


NSU Health Pharmacy looks out for your health with management programs for diabetes, hypertension, anticoagulation, hyperlipidemia, osteoporosis and more. 

Anticoagulation Clinic (Warfarin INR Services)
NSU Health works with your doctor to ensure your INR levels are within range. Our pharmacists make dose adjustments as needed to give you the best outcomes. We also provide an anticoagulation education session where we go over dietary recommendations and things to watch for while on anticoagulation therapy. Call now to make an appointment.

Transition of Care Services
Sometimes being discharged from the hospital means having a hard time grasping all the medication changes. Our pharmacists provide a free service to review your medications and ensure you are taking the appropriate therapy.

Diabetic Meter Trainings
Come in today to have a pharmacist go over your glucometer and identify ways to improve your technique to monitor your sugar levels.

NSU Health provides medication “check-ups,” in which one of our pharmacists will go over all of your medications with you. Together, you can discuss each medication’s purpose, how to take them, side effects and make sure they interact well with your other medications. 


Looking to achieve better health the natural way? Sign up for an Integrative Health and Wellness consultation. Our herbal therapy and supplementation clinic can help support your body’s function/structure and keep you on a path to wellness. We work with your physicians to integrate the best of both worlds in your care.

Free wellness screenings are available for NSU students, employees and the public the third Tuesday of every month at our pharmacy.

Professional Staff

Goar Alvarez, Pharm.D., C.Ph., FASCP

Assistant Dean, Pharmacy Services and Director of Pharmacy Operations

David Pino, Pharm.D.

Pharmacy Manager

Lynn Lafferty, Pharm.D.

Director of Functional Clinical Nutrition and Herbal Medicine

Visit the NSU Health Pharmacy on Our Main Fort Lauderdale/Davie Campus

Schedule an Appointment

Request telehealth or in-person appointment at NSU Health; we are committed to making the scheduling process as convenient as possible, as well as creating a seamless, friendly, and patient-centered clinic experience. We typically respond to online submissions within two business days.

If you have any questions, call the NSU Patient Engagement Center at 954-NSU-CARE (954-678-2273) 
(Mon-Fri, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm).

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